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Jan 27, 2014

Bareburger on 31st Avenue Remodel + GIVEAWAY!

Maybe you’ve heard, Bareburger on 31st Avenue in Astoria now has a full bar and a few new great menu changes! Look for a few new & revamped salads, a (…)

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Maybe you’ve heard, Bareburger on 31st Avenue in Astoria now has a full bar and a few new great menu changes!


Look for a few new & revamped salads, a great new burger option,  and our favorite- ice cream sandwiches & cocktails. Um, yum! Here’s just a small sampling of a few new menu items we’re excited about:


Johnny Appleseed (pictured above)
koval bourbon • green apple
hot honey • ginger brew

César Chavéz 
pura vida reposado tequila • apple cider
cinnamon • maple salt rim

G.W. Carver 
cuca fresca “silver” cachaça
strawberry • fennel • agave punch


Southern Burger  (pictured above)
pepperjack • applewood smoked thick cut bacon
pickled green tomatoes • fried onions
whole grain maple horseradish mustard

Breakfast  Ice Cream Sammie
chocolate chip cookie • candied bacon ice cream
caramel dipping sauce

Toasted Asian Salad
bibb head leafs • broccoli slaw • baby carrots • cucumbers • dried edamame • crushed peanuts
toasted black sesame seeds • tossed in sesame ginger vinaigrette • 580-1140

Italian Artichoke  Salad
bare greens • aged shaved parmesan • long stem artichokes • sun-dried yellow tomatoes
pickled red grapes • toasted pine nuts • tossed in sun-dried tomato & fig vinaigrette

To celebrate all these amazing changes, we’re thrilled to partner with Bareburger to give away FOUR $50 gift cards good at the newly remodeled 31st Avenue location in Astoria!

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Anthony Crisafulli

I really dig the freshened interior. I had the Southern Burger with wild boar and went to heaven last week.

Zach Haugen

I’ve been to this location and all the others around the city. Love Bareburger!


Their Hot Honey Milkshake and quinoa burgers are AMAZING. It’s the one place I could honestly eat every single day.


Love love LOVE their basket of fries and onion rings with all those dipping sauces…YUMMM


I miss their old recipe for curry ketchup, but I still love their food and order at least twice a month.


Disagree with John above, Bareburger is way better. Its the best place when my boyfriend and I can’t agree on food, because there are great options for both of us!


I love that Bareburger has opened my eyes to the perfection that is OSTRICH BURGERS! Also, I bring every visitor from out of town to impress them with the cool spot that originated in my ‘hood. Whether they are from Los Angeles or middle-of-nowhere, they are always instant fans!


Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade but, Burger Club is the best! Also let’s see a Burger Bistro review soon!

Ata S.

It’s great that they cater to everyone and to almost every diet and that they do it well. The veggie patty was awesome for when I was vegan. The Habanero Express is definitely my go-to and the chocolate peanut butter milkshake is ridiculous (in the best way possible). Glad to have an awesome burger place that started in Astoria and just keeps growing. Keep up the good work!


I love everything abut Bareburger!! But particularly the Bison burger and the sweet potato fries and the pickle chips!

Katie C

I love Bareburger’s commitment to local and/or organic food. I love knowing that I can trace where the food has come from and that they don’t try to hide their products, but actually promote them. Transparency is just as important as taste, in my opinion, and luckily Bareburger delivers on both.

Also, milkshakes.


I’m excited to try some of those new cocktails! Glad Bareburger is making a more serious foray into Astoria nightlife :)


BareBurgeris were my girlfriend and I always go when we have something silly to celebrate. I’m excited about these new additions!!


Really looking forward to trying their new offerings. The Johnny Appleseed looks and sounds delicious!


An easier question would be: what don’t I love about bareburger? Regardless, I’ll answer…I LOVE their sweet potato fries and onion rings! And the fact that I get to customize my burger depending on my mood…delicious!


I love Bareburger because they have gluten free and vegan options so it makes it easy for almost everyone to find something to eat there! Also their fries are addicting.

Rebecca Felix

I love how I can eat Bareburger and not feel guilty, as far the integrity of the ingredients. Not about the deliciousness. Yea I feel guilty about that. Too good to be true!


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