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Jan 18, 2014

Astoria News and Rumors, MLK Weekend Edition

A new crop of news and rumors has come our way and we want to share them with you. Of course, as always, this news is full of moving parts (…)

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A new crop of news and rumors has come our way and we want to share them with you. Of course, as always, this news is full of moving parts and we can’t guarantee the details will change after we post this.


The Bao Shoppe. This brings together two things I love—the olde-timey spelling of “shop” and the bao, which is a wonderful bready invention. I know baos most recently through the short rib bun at Mu Ramen, and the fabulous dollar duck buns in Flushing. The Bao Shoppe advertises “Serving Bao’s inspired by Asian & American flavors” with offerings in the categories of “Asian Fusion, Barbeque, Chinese, Sandwiches” on their Facebook page, but there’s not much beyond that. We can’t wait to see what they have to offer! This location, 30-66 Steinway Street, previously housed Liberty Travel.

More awesomeness coming to 31st Avenue. In a twitter convo with John Elezovic, he tells us “Keep on the look out for a new spot in Astoria late Summer. It’s going to be awesome!” After a little prodding we learned that he and his brother Nick will be opening a joint serving “craft beer, cocktails, & the best music in Astoria” and “NO top 40 & Pop, EVER.” It will be located at 31st Avenue and 34th Street (Astoria’s food nexus), just a few doors down from Milkflower and Il Bambino.

New Ditmars craft beer spot. An anonymous tipster tells us, “Astoria Beer & Brew (tentative name) [is] a new beer bar that will take homebrew recipes and make them for customers. That’s owned by Bistro 33, right next door.” We like the sound of this. We thought we caught mention on Twitter of homebrew supplies being available here, but perhaps that was a phantom tweet.

bistro 33 exterior

Bistro 33 name news. Our anonymous tipster also tells us that apparently Bistro 33 is getting a new name, “maybe Le Fat Pig.”

OK Cafe Ditmars. As per our Facebook update, “we hear a new indie coffee shop is opening late spring on Ditmars & 33rd.” We are pretty excited about this. Apparently lots of other Astorians are, too, judging from the comments.

Barbecue Ditmars. Apparently the space next to Brooklyn Bagels on Ditmars will bring more barbecue to the neighborhood. We hear it will be “similar to other butcher bars in Astoria,” whatever that means. Maybe barbecue made with humanely-raised and local meat? That would be nice.


Meat, seafood, and cheese at Greenbay. Strictly in the “news” department—if you haven’t been by lately, Greenbay market on Broadway has expanded its offerings to include organic meat, seafood, and a robust selection of artisanal cheeses. I stopped by the other day and was pleased to see a bunch of D’Artagnan poultry products. I hope the quality of the other meats will be just as good. Great to have another place to find a variety of cheeses, too.

Do you have any other news or rumors—or corrections? Let us know in the comments, via Facebook or twitter!

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Meg Cotner was trained as a harpsichordist and now works as a freelance writer and editor. She is the author of "Food Lovers' Guide to Queens," and is a skilled and avid home cook, baker, and preserver.



Lovely ladies!

My fiance received an email yesterday saying that Bistro 33 was closing on February 23, after 10 years. Say it ain’t so! Do your anonymous tipsters have any more news?


Whew! Okay thanks! Will still get down there this week for some more lobster mac ‘n cheese! I wonder what the new digs will be/will serve?


I wonder how they would compare to Eddie Huang’s Baohaus. Shouldn’t be an issue as long as it’s in the $2 – $3 range for a bao.


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