Dec 06, 2013

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 5-Inside Astoria

12 Days of Giveaways: Day 5-Inside Astoria Happy Friday!  As our first week of 12 Days of Giveaways comes to close, we want to send you into the weekend thinking (…)

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12 Days of Giveaways: Day 5-Inside Astoria

Happy Friday!  As our first week of 12 Days of Giveaways comes to close, we want to send you into the weekend thinking about what you love most, about our neighborhood.   

We Heart Astoria 12 DAYS GIVEAWAYS-01Today’s giveaway winner will receive an awesome Astoria Basket from Inside Astoria.  This gift basket comes with a Astoria tote bag, Hell Gate Bridge print, Hell Gate t-shirt, Cocktail Crate Drink Mixer, Astoria holiday card set, and a Vintage Astoria postcard!  A gift valued at $143 dollars! (woah!)

Inside Astoria_12 Days Giveaway Basket

Inside Astoria, as their name implies, carries everything you need to demonstrate your adoration for the neighborhood.   They also carry a wide variety of gift items for everyone on your list; candles, kid’s gifts, home decor, cards & stationary, jewelry, and more!

Inside Astoria_12 Days_Gifts How to Enter:  Like Inside Astoria on Facebook or follow them on Twitter, and leave us a comment telling us you’ve done so, and what you love most about Astoria (be specific).  We will select one random winner on Monday, December 9th at Noon so enter to win before then.  (Inside Astoria 28-07 Ditmars Blvd., Astoria)

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Ana Peraica-Stanton

I Liked Inside Astoria on Facebook and what I love most about Astoria specifically is all the great food and places to eat!


Oh yes! Liked the page on facebook! Astoria is the most diverse Neighborhood in NYC. About 130 spoken languages, every cuisine you can imagine and with all the small businesses it is not only very charming but also unique. Yeah I LOVE Astorias diversity.


Liked on Facebook! I love that there is such a strong protective love of the neighborhood by its residents past and present. You live here, and really can’t help but become part of this amazing community full of lovely and creative folks.


Liked them on FB! I basically moved to Astoria because of the food. I am in love with a million restaurants already and keep discovering more and more all the time.


Followed on Twitter! Love the neighborhood feel and all the great new restaurants!


Following on twitter. I love that Astoria is a home-y community with all the perks of being close to the city. I have my local favorites and rarely go into the city for much else than work. The friends I have made here are irreplaceable and it’s great to be able to spend time leith them locally at so many different, great places.

Nicole M Hunt

I liked them on Facebook! And what I love about living in Astoria is all the different food scenes all within walking distances.


Following on Twitter! I love the small businesses that make Astoria so unique. I can do all my shopping for any occasion without having to go to a big-box store. And when I’m done and hungry, I can grab any kind of cuisine I want!


I like them on Facebook. My favorite thing about Astoria is the good restaurants in walking distance of my home.


Following on Twitter. Best thing about Astoria? The people! I love the old school types who have been here forever living side by side with the younger generations who have moved here from every corner of the world.


I’m following them on Twitter and absolutely love Inside Astoria! Such a great local store!


Following on Twitter!
And I love Astoria because it has life essentials – cute dogs running around the park & baklava. Actually, amazing food in general.


Consider them liked on FB. I love Astoria for the diversity scrunched into just a few blocks. There is an influx of new artists and hipsters, but it still holds ethnic enclaves and the mixture of both makes for an amazing community and culinary scene!

Amy E.

Liked on Facebook, love the community feel, safeness, and quietness being so close to the big city.


I liked them on facebook! I’ve lived in Astoria for 13 years and I just love the community feel here. From the local restaurants to the yoga studio, everyone is cool and approachable. LOVE ASTORIA!!!


Followed on twitter! My favorite thing about Astoria is that there’s a lot to do but also a residential neighborhood that can be quiet and homey too.


I followed them . What i love most about astoria is i dont drive and everything is walkable for me be it food shopping or entertainment .


Liked on Facebook! I think what I love about Astoria is that it’s busy without being CROWDED. And of course the small businesses!


Is it specific enough to say “the food, the food, the food?” Within three blocks of my apartment I can get ramen, sushi, pizza, BBQ, tzatziki, home fries, falafel… the list goes on and on. It’s all affordable and it’s all good.

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