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Nov 17, 2013

Getting Personal with our Newest We Heart Astorian, Emily Rios

We Heart Astoria gets personal with our newest team member,the fabulous, Emily Rios who talks about her new role at We Heart Astoria and some of her favorite things in the neighborhood.

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We’re really excited to introduce you to Emily – the newest (and totally awesome) addition of our We Heart Astoria family.  Helping to add value to our site from a business perspective, Emily is the perfect person to be making connections with our amazing local business community.  You’ll see her around town, sporting her infectious smile and her cheery disposition.  She’s definitely the cheerleader of the group and we couldn’t be happier to have her with us.  Here’s the low down about this cool Astorian chica:

1. Astorian for how long? 2 1/2 years.

2. Full life story in fifty words or less.
Born in West Virginia raised in Texas (Wendy Davis 2014).  Oldest of three children.  Graduated from Texas A&M and moved to Orlando with my husband, bread baker and former blogger (he’s contributed to We Heart Astoria too!), Daniel Rios. Worked for a local Girl Scout council and was promoted to the national Girl Scout office here in NYC.

3. Do you consider yourself a “real” New Yorker?
I kill cockroaches with my bare hand so yes. (Hopefully some people out there will get my How I Met Your Mother reference).

4. What do you like to do in your free time?
My favorite hobby is eating. I’m so lucky that Astoria has such a vibrant food scene. Since I love to eat, I do some occasional bike riding and take exercise classes in and around Astoria.

5. What will you be doing for WHA?
Community partnerships and sales. We Heart Astoria is a fun and vibrant place to connect local business with a wide audience that’s interested in what’s going in our neighborhoods.

6. Why do you heart Astoria?
Food, food and more food. I also love that the community remains cultural while simultaneously offering new and modern experiences.

7. Cats or dogs:
Cats all the way! I’ve got two.

8. What would you like to see more of in Astoria?
More shopping opportunities. Slowly I feel that we are getting more places like that. I’m totally obsessed with Lockwood for gifts and home furnishings, Raising Astoria for all the mama friends/babies in my life, and Pin Up Queens for vintage finds. But I want more!

9. Best Queens day trip?
Flushing for, you guessed it, the delicious food! Earlier this year we participated in the Chinese New Year parade, constructed our own Dumpling tour, and did a Tea Tasting. We intend on doing it again.


Charles J.Scalise

Hi, Em–

Congratulations on your first autobiographical feature article!

–Uncle “C”


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