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Jun 04, 2013

Lucy Eats Alone – Lucy Hearts Oysters When It’s Hot

This time Lucy seeks out wine and oysters at Domaine in Long Island City on a hot, hot day.

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It may be counterintuitive and I may be angling for some food poisoning, but I love oysters in the summer. They are light and delicious and awesome with bubbly, white, or rosé.


I know we’ve got some fairly recent neighborhood additions like Astor Room, and even newer places like Off The Hook, but I decided to celebrate the change of seasons by going old school and hitting Domaine at the Vernon-Jackson 7 stop in LIC. Domaine opens every day at 5:30pm.

The dollar oyster happy hour is a perfect way to end a long work day.


I’ve been coming here for years. The menu is perfectly simple – oysters, cheese, salami. That’s about it. It’s not vegan-friendly unless you plan a dinner of great wine and dessert of nuts and luscious chunks of chocolate.


I order a dozen oysters and a glass of ros̩. The Bluepoints are fresh and delicious, wine is perfectly chilled, and a charming bartender Рwhat more can a girl ask for?

It’s worth stopping in on one of the nights they have live music – it’s often surprisingly good – partly just to see how they squeeze musicians into the space and then to watch the patrons awkwardly try to get to the restroom.


Enjoying my oysters, I consider where I’m going for dinner. Tournesol is just down the block, Cafe Enrique is a favorite and of course Alobar but as I want to checkin on the subway series – I think I’ll grab a burger and some McSorley’s at Corner Bistro.

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