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Jun 16, 2013

A Visit to the Socrates Sculpture Park Greenmarket

I made a visit to the Socrates Sculpture Park Greenmarket and found a lot of delicious things, including strawberries, juice, cheese, honey, vegetables, coffee, and more.

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On Saturday I spent some time at the Socrates Sculpture Park greenmarket – here are some of the sights I saw. It’s a small but pretty comprehensive market – there is also meat available, which unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of. And you’re right next to the fantastic Socrates Sculpture Park, too! Definitely worth a trip.


The welcome sign to the greenmarket, just outside Socrates.


You can bring your compost to the greenmarket, thanks to Build It Green!NYC


Ballard Honey has all sorts of lovely local honey


Beautiful strawberries and a selection of fresh cheeses made with goat and cow milk from Goodale Farm


Here is the lineup of cheese – fresh mozzarella is at the far end


I tried the goat feta and it was delicious

socrates-greenmarket-central bakery-astoria-queens

I was pretty enamored with the breads from Central Bakery, an artisanal bakery in NJ

socrates-greenmarket-central bakery-savory-breads-astoria-queens

Savory bread, mmm…


And yet more bread

socrates-greenmarket-central bakery-russian-bread-astoria-queens

I ended up buying one of these black Russian breads – delicious!


Beautiful beets and carrots from J. Glebocki Farms; I bought a bunch of wonderful baby carrots

socrates-greenmarket-j-glebocki farm-greens-potatoes-astoria-queens

Gorgeous display of greens and potatoes from J. Glebocki Farms


Red Jacket had plenty of strawberries


You could get rhubarb with that, too.


Red Jacket’s juice is delicious, too – my favorite is Joe’s Summer Blend, which is a tangy mix of lemonade and apple juice


El Poblano Farm was there, too! Wonderful greens all around


Here’s the info table – they were polling the greenmarket visitors as to how they heard of the market


At the very end we found the XXX Coffee folks, which made me a tasty iced coffee


People enjoying the greenmarket

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