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May 22, 2013

A Sneak Peek of Milkflower’s Opening Menu

We tried a sneak peek of Milkflower’s menu. Curious? Read more about their woodfired pizzas, toast plates, beer selection and more!

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Editor’s Update: Sorry folks, the June 3rd opening isn’t the case after all. So sorry for the mixed messages. More when we get it. 

Monday night Ivona from Loveday 31 and my girlfriend joined me at Milkflower, where we had the opportunity to sample some of their offerings before they open; Astoria– you’re going to love it. The official word is that they’ll be opening sometime after Memorial Day- stay tuned for more info as we have it. This photo heavy post will take you through a selection of their opening menu in three sections: salads & starters, toast plate selections, and woodfired pizzas.

The Salads & Starters

Milkflower_Astoria_Arugula_Grapefruit_Salad Milkflower_scallop_ceviche

To start, we enjoyed their arugula, grapefruit, white mushroom, and fennel salad that was lightly dressed with lemon and Tasmanian honey.  It was highly enjoyed by everyone at the table, and all noted we thought there was a near perfect balance to the savory, tart, earthy, and sweet components of this dish.

Next up was their diver scallop carpaccio, which were topped with olive oil fried pistachios, mint, and fleur de sel. Even I, the long time vegetarian, tried a bite was was pleasantly surprised at how clean and refreshing this dish was.

Toast Plate Selections

Milkflower_Crushed_Pea_Ricotta_Toast Milkflower_Lavender_Flowers

The first selection from their toast plate series was crushed pea, ricotta, and lavender flower. They use lavender flowers straight from NYC Greenmarkets to make this unusual and fresh tasting dish. While I’m typically skeptical of lavender in edibles, this dish was highly enjoyable. It’s hard to imagine what it would taste like without the bright, herbal lavender note, and that’s no small feat.

Each of their 4 magical crostini like selections will be available to order in 4’s on their “Toast Plates” menu for easy sharing.


Next up was their cherry tomato & avocado toast that’s finished with oregano, basil, and balsamic glaze. This summery, fresh toast is also vegan, and happened to be one of the highlights of the evening.


The star of (perhaps) the whole night was their ramp pudding, charred onion and broccoli rabe toast. If there was one dish I’m still gushing over days later, it’s this seasonal beauty. It’s sharp, garlicky, and onion packed flavor is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. I’ll be back for plate after plate of these.


The last toast of the evening was this spring onion, fava bean, and grated egg dish. Perfectly executed, this toast made me want to see fava beans on more of their menu items.

 Woodfired Pizzas


The clear star of the show is Milkflower’s classic margarita pizza. Each pie is topped with their house-made mozzarella cheese & California tomatoes and their light, chewy crust is made from Caputo flour.

Look for a selection of 10-12 seasonal pies when Milkflower opens. Gluten free crust will be available on most pies by request.

Milkflower_Brussels_Sprout_Egg_Pizza Milkflower_Astoria_Pizza

Their brussels sprouts & egg pie starts with tender leaves laid on the dough, topped with fresh cheese and a raw egg, and then it’s popped into their 800 degree oven. This pie screams brunch perfection, though it was heartily enjoyed with a glass of red wine at 9pm just the same.  Also, just look at that crust.

Milkflower_Danny_Pizza Milkflower_sopressata_honey_pizza

The last pie of the night was their spicy sopressata and thyme honey pie. My meat eating companions tell me this pie had a perfect balance of spicy and sweet. There might have even been a vegetarian who ate a piece, and just for the record, it wasn’t me. (Also, how great is this communal table, made from old police barricades?)

The Other Stuff


Of course there’s more than just salads, pizzas, and toast plates at Milkflower. Look for a core list of 7-8 hand selected beers, along with several seasonal selections. Wine fans will be pleased to know they’ll be featuring 5 reds and 5 whites to pair with their dishes as well.

Dessert, while still being developed, will most certainly include Il Laboratorio Del Gelato, which makes this fan very, very happy.

34-12 31st Avenue


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