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Apr 15, 2013

The Sweet Spot Bar in the Old OTB Space is Progressing

The Sweet Spot, a bar/lounge opening up in the old OTB space on 31st Street near the Ditmars subway stop, is getting closer to their opening, with the plywood removed and new windows up.

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While on my way home from putting my taxes in the mail, I noticed the plywood on The Sweet Spot was removed and the windowed storefront is now visible. The Sweet Spot is the new lounge/sports bar that is going into the old OTB space on 31st Street near the Ditmars subway stop.


The Sweet Spot, now without the plywood

Here’s what it looked like with the plywood up:


The other day they also had a sign up saying they were greening up the building with their use of LED lights.


And in case you don’t remember what The Sweet Spot is bringing to Astoria, this DNAinfo article explains it. The owner is also a member of the family that runs Igloo up the street:

It will be a hybrid sports bar, restaurant and swanky lounge — and will boast an eye-popping 43 TVs throughout its two floors, including screens perched above the urinals in the men’s room.

The space, which is still being renovated, will feature a 30-foot bar up front, with 17 beers on tap and “as many bottles [of liquor] as we can fit,” [Harry] Panagiotopoulos said. The bar area will have 19 55-inch TVs along both walls, as well as high communal tables.

The back section of the first floor will be a dining room with a fireplace, separated from the front bar by a footbridge that spans an open space with views of the VIP lounge downstairs. The bridge will be flanked on both side by two real trees planted on the lower level.

Panagiotopoulos said a menu is still being finalized and that it will feature “high-end bar items with a Mediterranean twist,” an homage to his Greek roots.

The Sweet Spot’s lower level will be a lounge with a second fireplace, couches, a DJ booth and its own set of TVs. In all, Panagiotopoulos said he’ll be able to show 12 different sporting events at the same time once his system is set up. All of his gadgets will be controlled by an iPad.

The space is HUGE – I’ve peered in through the door a number of times at all stages of the renovations, and was always amazed at how large the building is. As I was looking at the newly uncovered windows this morning, a neighbor came by and confirmed my thoughts on the size – when it was the OTB, it was three very large rooms that would hold sizable crowds. This Bridge and Tunnel post also published photos of when it was an OTB, including some shots of the interior.


The Sweet Spot should be opening soon – maybe in May? Not sure, that’s just speculation. They also do not have an online presence at this point (hopefully they will soon!). I’m super curious about it, and will check it out for sure when it’s open.

The Sweet Spot, 22-72 31st Street, Astoria, NY 11105



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I’ve been excited since the construction began. I kept hoping for a bar in the neighborhood with actual good food I.e. nachos, cheese fries, wings, the good stuff!! Now I’m reading ” with a Mediterranean twist”. I want to scream! The last thing we need out here is another damn place with Greek food out here. I mean come on already.


I co-sign “arrrgh”. Precisely how many “pubs” and “sports bars” does one neighborhood need?


That hood so desperately needs a good bar, but it keeps churning out tacky joints. Ugh, another missed chance.


Ugh here too. Imagine all the noise from all those tv’s plus loud music. Then you have to scream to talk to someone. Might as well have made this into a Cavo/ Don Coqui type place. I’ll still be heading over to Broadway Station for my Yankees.


Ugh, sports bar? Sounds like an absolute nightmare. It’s better off boarded up


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