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Apr 11, 2013

Meg Hearts Brunch at Sage General Store

Sage General Store in LIC serves up amazing brunch food, including chilaquiles, tomato soup, various kinds of bacon, biscuits, coffee, and more.

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Sage General Store, home of tasty brunch

Over the weekend, my guy and I decided to do Sunday brunch at Sage General Store. This is a very popular brunch spot in LIC, near Court Square, serving up extremely tasty food. It’s one of our favorites.


What’s for brunch at Sage General Store

We must admit, the cupcakes are so good that we started our brunch with one – an homage to Hostess. It’s not overly sweet and the filling has a slight tang to it (like cheesecake). By the way, their red velvet is also fantastic.


The amazing Hostess-style cupcake

We also got mugs of their drip coffee, which is also very good – it’s flavorful and robust, and strong enough for me (I love strong coffee). We love their mugs and decided to buy one to take home (only $5!).


One of the sweet mugs in which coffee is served at Sage General Store

We ordered a few things. First, we revisited a dish that is truly one of my favorite things to eat on the planet, chilaquiles. This dish always takes me back to a super fun week we spent in Cancun, where the breakfast buffet at the hotel served it every morning. Sage’s version is really good – tortillas served in green sauce with chicken, and an organic egg on top. I just love all the flavors involved – it is fantastic.


The amazing chilaquiles with chicken and egg

I decided to go with soup and bacon. First, the soup, which was delicious – it was nice and creamy, topped with basil, goat cheese, and cayenne croutons. Mmm… also, it looked very pretty.


Tomato soup with basil and goat cheese, along with cayenne croutons

Along with that, I chose the trio of bacon, which came with a glorious cheddar biscuit and little cup of bacon marmalade. The three bacons included Neuske’s applewood smoked (Wisconsin), Dewigs slab (Indiana) and “Ham I Am” peppered (Tex-Arkana) bacon. The Neuske’s was my favorite. And the bacon marmalade? So ridiculously tasty – it was smoky, sweet, and a bit tangy.


Trio of bacon, bacon marmalade, and a cheddar biscuit

Also, if you love, love, love bacon, you can indulge in their Bacon Brunch ($25) – three courses of bacon, including dessert

As you can see, the joint was hopping – it was like that the entire time we were there.


Our view from the corner table up front

So, if you’re looking for a great brunch option, look no further than Sage General Store in LIC.

Sage General Store, 24-20 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101, (718) 361-0707,

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Lester Magoo

Wowzers! Thank you for the terrific review of our bacon brunch. The pictures are great too. Come back often and please introduce yourself, Meg. I am often catering weddings on the week-end but might be around to say hello and thanks.


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