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Apr 27, 2013

Lucy Eats Alone – Lucy Discovers She Hearts Thai Brunch

This installation of Lucy Eats Alone focuses on Lucy’s discovery of the beauty and deliciousness of a Thai brunch, at Leng Thai on Broadway in Astoria.

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Lucy is back and writes about her great Thai brunch experience at Leng on Broadway. That Pommossa cocktail sure sounds good right now. -Meg


Image source: Leng Thai

On a sunny Sunday, and with about an hour and half left in my audio book (I also read real books, but I do so enjoy having someone tell me a story as I clean my apartment, run errands, or wander Astoria), I see that Leng on Broadway has a brunch special. Oddly, even with my love of kimchi and hot sauce, it’s never occurred to me to have a Thai brunch.


Leng’s brunch special is $19.99 for an entree and three drinks, and sounds like a great way to let Ari Fliakos from The Wooster Group tell me the end of the story. This is especially true because I have been imagining Ari with the sonorous voice to be charming and handsome.

The menu looks great I am torn between the buns or the Pad Thai. Since it’s brunch, I zero-in on the pork omelette with the rice salad and a side of kimchi. Hopefully this pork with be a nice break from the baconmania that seems to have taken over.


The pommossa – pomegranate juice and bubbly – is light and not too sweet as my novel ends and my omelette arrives.  The omelette is fluffy with pork and scallions. Even the rice salad is delicious (even before I put sriracha on it) and I am not a person who eats rice salads. The side of kimchi is about 3 or 4 times more than in most restaurants. Why haven’t I thought of Thai brunch previously?

For my second drink I go with the Sake-Mary which is a bit like a michelada but slightly sweeter. The perfect compliment to a bowl of kimchi which I take as a personal challenge to finish.


Perhaps Ari will join me and tell me a another story as we stroll the neighborhood on our way to the Museum of the Moving Image for movie.

Leng Thai, 33-09 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106, (718) 956-7117,



Love Leng Thai – the food is great and the atmosphere, especially in the garden, is fantastic. I’ve only been there for dinner though, looks like I’ll have to make another trip! Thanks for this post. :)


Definitely true that kimchi is a Korean food. Leng is known to serve a few Korean dishes, like Jap Chae and Bulgogi (they call it Bul Go Gai on the menu), and they do a Pad Kim-Chi, so that’s probably why the kimchi was available.


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