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Mar 04, 2013

Reader recommendation – Los Molcajete in Astoria

WHA reader Harris G recommends Los Molcajete restaurant in Astoria, Queens. Both the tortas and tins of whole pickled jalapenos get high marks.

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I received this glowing recommendation by WHA reader Harris G for Los Molcajete here in Astoria, and thought I’d pass it on.


“There’s a small Mexican restaurant next to the hospital. It looks like a bakery, but it’s really a restaurant, Los Molcajete. They sell the pickled jalapeños in the photo. I’ve been getting the whole peppers (the large can) and bought the sliced ones by accident. The whole ones also have a layer of sliced carrots.

“You had mentioned that you liked pickled jalapeños, so I thought you might want to file this away for when you’re in the neighborhood. I buy tortas there all the time. They’re good! If the right person makes the sandwich, it can be pure heaven.

“They’re not inexpensive and they do a good business. I can vouch for the tortas and the whole pickled jalapeños.”

Thanks, Harris!

Los Molcajete, 25-22 30 Ave., Astoria, NY 11102 (GMAP), (718) 726-4180

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