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Mar 21, 2013

Did You Hear? Why Leave Astoria Founder Has Left Astoria

As I’m sure many of you have heard, Ran Craycraft, founder & editor of, has left the neighborhood for sunny California. What once seemed like just a rhetorical question, (…)

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As I’m sure many of you have heard, Ran Craycraft, founder & editor of, has left the neighborhood for sunny California. What once seemed like just a rhetorical question, is now an actual matter of fact: why leave Astoria?



Today’s great New York Daily News article features quotes from Ran himself as well as community members, business owners, and yours truly. We’re all sad to see him go and wish him the best in LA!

What do you think of the potential WLA changes? Have you ever thought about leaving Astoria? We’d love to hear your thoughts on moving on.



Why leave Astoria??? Hmmm…. Aside from Mundo and Thai Pavillion shutting its doors; the countless wads of dog poop on my particular block which is an obvious reflection of the quality of people who live here; garbage cans at the end of streets? Is Astoria convenient to the city? Yes. Is it relatively safe? Yes. Is it worth it? No. I am leaving Astoria for greener pastures… One that doesn’t have so much dog sh*t. Kiss My Asstoria!

Damien D

I guess I’m a fake Astorian, having only moved here 2 years ago after 8 years in Manhattan. I suppose I’m one of the ones that have changed it for the worse. Of course, it could be that the “true” residents have grown and changed along with the geography, and that the relatively fast growth of the last few years are a natural and not altogether bad thing. For my part, I love Astoria and think its got the friendliest people in NYC, and is growing healthily.

Lilian M.

I love Astoria, have been here for 8 years and can’t think of a reason to move to any other borough. We are close enough to the city and at the same time have the neighborhood feeling that I never get in Manhattan. However, the cold weather is a drastic factor in my life (I’m originally from Brazil), and a time will come when I will also move to California.

Anne Marie C

I was born & raised in Astoria, 42 years now. The last one left in the neighborhood out of my very large Astoria raised family. I’m the reminder of where we all came from, when they sometimes forget! LOL Of course I have thought of leaving, who doesn’t? I sometimes think it will be better somewhere else, but every place has it’s problems. Even though Astoria has changed a lot over the years, I still love it, it is all I know. Every neighborhood changes, how can they not? Astoria has a lot of great people & places, the city is right here & who doesn’t love the city?? For now, my husband & I and our 3 kids will stay here, who knows what the future holds? For now, I will not leave Astoria! :)


I have only been an Astoria since 1999 ( Manhattan girl before then). This place feels like home.

There is so much support from this community on all levels, neighborliness, support for endeavors and really interetsing venues and events.

My husband and I are raising our two daughter here and as long as we can continue to afford to live here we have no plans on moving.


I love Astoria. I am a TRUE Astorian..born and raised, 40+ years. However times have changed and the neighborhood doesn’t feel like my own anymore. It has become too expensive and overcrowded. I am heading up North this summer with my 8 year old son, mom, dog and cat to call Ulster County our new home.


I’ve thought about it, but im really committed to putting on local events in the neighborhood with Astoria Music & Arts for 2013. This year is a very exciting time to stay in Astoria with new venues like Singlecut brewery, Olde Prague tavern and the Strand there is even more a reason to stick around then ever. Also im 3rd generation Astoria raising a baby girl in the nabe, i’m not going anywhere anytime soon!


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