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Mar 25, 2013

Astoria Arrivals – New York City Bagel Coffee House

The New York City Bagel Coffee House on 23rd Ave near 29th Street has finally opened! Here are some photos from their first day in business.

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I stopped into the New York City Bagel Coffee House this afternoon – this is the spot that has been under construction for several months on 23rd Ave near 29th Street. This space used to be the home to a little produce market, and I remember buying lemons, garlic, and onions there many times. I was sorry to see it close but I’m pretty excited about what has replaced it.

I only have good things to report – pleasant staff, good coffee (Stone Street from BK), tasty sweets, great looking space, and a whole variety of bagels and cream cheese (tofu cream cheese, yes; mini bagels, yes; gluten-free bagels, no – Astoria still has a ways to go on that point). From what I can tell, the front windows are actually doors, and there are locks on them that indicate they can be opened – that will be really great during nice weather.

They also have WiFi, which can be used by anyone at the cafe. It sounds like there is no limit to the amount of time one can use it.

Here are some photos I snapped of the new place. Check it out – I’ll definitely be back!


The exterior of the New York City Bagel Coffee House.


Looking toward the counter.


Looking toward the back. Love the red stools!


The bagel counter.


Some of the menus.


Sweets, pies, and quiches.




This light fixture was constructed by hand by the shop’s designer.


La Marzocca! Makes tasty espresso.


Freshly squeezed orange juice, made in the shop.


For the vegans and those who eschew dairy – tofu cream cheese!


Love this industrial table leg.


Chocolate brownie cake – it was very tasty.


My tasty cappuccino – nice microfoam bubbles in the steamed milk.

New York City Bagel Coffee House, 29-08 23rd Ave, Astoria, NY 11105, (718) 728-9500,

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Love the vibe, but sad to say we stopped in close to closing time a few weeks ago…and they were throwing all of their unsold bagels DIRECTLY into the trash. heartbreaking.


I think a lot of places trash their unsold baked goods. It’s very common to find bags and bags and bags of bread, bagels, cake, etc, in dumpsters behind bakeries. Sad but true. You’d like to think they could donate to food, but apparently there are limitations there related liability issues.


I went recently and had a toasted everything-bagel with bacon-scallion cream cheese, a medium-roast coffee, and a glass of water.

Everything was fantastic. I am especially enthused that they have most of their bagel flavors also come in “mini-bagel” size if you’re watching your carbs. They also have flagels of all sorts (flat bagels–I’m going to go back for an “everything flagel” as I LOVE the toppings on e-bagels).


Excellent bagels and coffee!!!!! The service is superb. This place just opened up the block from my apartment. Do they deliver?


Tried this place on a Wednesday afternoon and liked the friendly/diverse vibe among staff and patrons. The olive cream cheese had a great, buttery texture and tasted perfect. The iced coffee was strong and flavorful. But…the start of the show, the bagels, was a big disappointment. It reminded me of the bagel-shaped bread products you find in midtown delis. The outer crunch was too soft, and the inner dough was very airy. It also didn’t taste or look anything like a pumpernickel bagel, which is what I ordered. Maybe they’ll refine the bagel making process? It’s a cool space; would be a shame to lose it due to sub-par product.


I tried for the first time today, the ambiance is lovely. However, tried the mini bagels and were ok, a bit pricey though for really small size bagels and bland coffee with a fancy lid. The coffee does not taste good at all. I would say Starbucks, DD, and McDonald’s coffee taste much better. If they do not change their brand of coffee brew, I do not see this place lasting too long, and there are 2 other bagel stores in the area, with better tasting and cheaper bagels.


I personally haven’t tried them, but I just read this review over on Sounds like they are pretty good! But I also know that people are very particular about their bagels, so YMMV.

Also, we just found out their phone number and they also have a website: (718) 728-9500,
We’ve updated the post to reflect this.


Frankly, I hardly noticed it. No sound was on so it was unobtrusive. Both TVs were playing a soccer match, I believe.


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