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Aug 28, 2012

We Heart Astoria Food Talk

quick food tid-bits in Astoria and LIC from facebook, twitter and the blogosphere

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I’d like to introduce you to our newest food column, which I’ll be doing pretty regularly, focusing on the latest food happs in Astoria and LIC throughout the week.  Served up to you tapas-style, as little hot (and cool) pieces of food intelligence, we hope you act on them fast and enjoy them to their full potential.  And it goes without saying that we’d love to hear from you about things we may have missed!

1.  Koliba Slovak Restaurant, which has been on summer vacation for about 2 weeks is now officially back and open!  Go in for the spaetzle and the cold Slovak and Czech beer.   31-11 23rd Avenue, Astoria.  718.626.0430

2.  Friday is National Outside Day – here’s a list of 5 recos I’ve written up on Fooditka.  The first and foremost is Mojave but there are plenty of others.

3.  Malu is back with some popular flavors this week such as black licorice and maple bacon.  Wowza! 12-09 Jackson Avenue, LIC.  718.729.6258

4.  Check out these fun fan shots of Vanilla Sky, Astoria’s newest self serve fro-yo place.  33-18 Broadway, Astoria. 347.738.4195

5. If you have a special diet, or are just interested in trying a new type of bagel, explore Brooklyn Bagel’s Spelt bagel this week.  Looks good!  Try it in all the various locations in Astoria.

6.  Reading Bradley’s review of Hinomaru Ramen really made me salivate.  Check it out, and try something new as far as Japanese food is concerned.  As Bradley says, “Considering so many Americans seem to equate Japanese cuisine exclusively with sushi or chicken and vegetables flying across a flaming table, HinoMaru is an exceptional introduction to just some of the lesser known culinary delights of this fascinating country’s kitchens and street food carts.” 33-19 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria.  718.777.0228

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