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Dec 15, 2011

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 8: The Chocolate Swirl

12 Days of Giveaways – win a mini gift basket to The Chocolate Swirl

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We hope you’ve been enjoying all the festive giveaways lately, and just know that we have 5 more exciting prizes to give out.

Today’s giveaway comes from our friends at The Chocolate Swirl, the fantastic local dessert company, run by entrepreneur and master baker, Lisa.  Not only is she talented at making traditional treats such as truffles and cakes, her best item in my opinion are her brownie pops that come in a variety of flavors.  Aside from looking gorgeous, they’re addictingly delicious, and my most beloved flavor is the moist red velvet, sealed with a rich cream cheese frosting and a white chocolate shell.  It’s to die for.  And for today’s prize you’ll have the chance to compete for just that, along with other delicious treats that all fit into a beautifully packaged holiday mini gift basket.

The Chocolate Swirl - mini gift basketTo enter, comment on this post and tell us about your favorite sweet treat to indulge in during the holidays – whether it’s something homemade or bought, we’d love to know.  Don’t forget to put your email on your comment, so we can contact you quickly.  You have until Monday to enter, and we’ll announce a winner on Tuesday, 12/20.

12 days of giveawaysGood luck and go get that chocolate!



My cousins always bring cake truffles (I actually call them cake balls) to Christmas dinner. They’re so good! And my sister makes the best dutch apple pie in the world. A little vanilla bean ice cream on top and it makes my year!

Diane M.

My favorite holiday dessert is cheesecake, especially with peppermint crumbles on top!


I gotta say my favorite is the classic cupcake. Red velvet one of the tops but I also like the more interesting ones with crazy flavor mixtures.


Homemade peanut butter cookies with a hershey kiss in the center. One of my friend’s parents used to ring in the holiday season by giving us these every year.


I have to go with mom’s baklava, which is a staple over the holidays…but some brownie pops would be a fabulous addition to our treats!


Mulled wine is the best sweet treat for me during the holidays. I never think of it during the rest of the year but as soon as the first Christmas trees show up in store windows, I can practically smell it in the air … Yummmm!


oh my !!!! so many treats to choose from…but my fav is a crepe with nutella for breakfast.mmm mmm mmm with mint tea


I only bake pies and cakes between thanksgiving and xmas so my fave treat is my apple pie. I’ve also been waiting for lisa to return to the astoria market!


Grandma’s own spin on “sticky buns” are a coveted treasure in my family. Warm, gooey, fluffy, brown sugar, butter and walnuts — I’m nearly drooling just thinking about them.


Holidays are all about homemade goodies! I bake everything from breads to biscotti to traditional sugar cookies to give as gifts this time of year. It would sure be nice for someone to give me a delicious treat for once! ;)

Daniel Rios

I was a chocolatier for a year before continuing with baking. I love chocolates at the holidays, but I am not crazy enough to try and make handmade chocolates for everyone I know. Instead, I love my mom’s buttermilk pie or her fresh pan de polvo. Maybe I should post recipes for that?


ginger snaps or ribbon candy, although I often cut the roof of my mouth on the latter.


I would say my fave is the sugar cookies my mom used to make … but I made a batch over the weekend and the memory turned out to be better than the cookie. So, yay! professional bakers :)

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