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Dec 12, 2011

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 5: Brunch for 2 at Bear

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 5 – Brunch for 2 at Bear

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Almost halfway into our 12 Days of Giveaways, we’d love to start your week off by getting you excited for the weekend.  That’s why our 5th prize offers a fantastic brunch for 2 at the new Bear restaurant.  For some of you who haven’t yet been, this place is like no other in Astoria.  Think hearty, authentic Russian cuisine with an ultra sophisticated twist.  You’ll be in great company as Chef Natasha, works her magic in the kitchen, creating inventive brunch specialties such as scallops and eggs; a pot of sausage, potato and a poached egg; The Grizzly Burger and more.

Bear NYC brunch

Image by Bear Restaurant

To enter, tell us about the dish on Bear’s new brunch menu that you’re dying to try and why.  You have until Wednesday to play and we’ll announce a winner on Thursday morning.  Please make sure to put your email in the comments so we can contact you pronto.

Good luck…your Russian gastronomic adventure awaits!



Rabbit Fettucini, because pasta is the true hangover cure, and game meats are vital to restoring your strength, or in the case of rabbit, your amazing agility, energy, and ineffable libido.


Before I even glanced at the menu, the above photo made me salivate. I love, LOVE Russian cuisine and this time of year, who wouldn’t want to stuff themselves with something warm and hearty from Bear?


The everything egg omelet sounds awesome! Everything in one omelet is a great idea.


The Scallops & Eggs sound amazing – seafood is an unexpected brunch item for me but I’d really love to try this dish!


I would go for the scallop omelet. I love scallops but never thought of having them for breakfast let alone in an omelet. So creative and so intriguing! I am very excited about Bear!

Eileen Diskin

I’m eager to try the Rabbit Fettuccini. Ever since M. Wells left us, I’ve been hankering for an eclectic menu option. This sounds like just the ticket.


The scallops and eggs. I love scallops dearly and have never thought of having them for breakfast let alone in an omelet. Very intriguing option.


My husband and I have been meaning to get to Bear. The rabbit fetticine sounds delicious.


Oh so hard to just choose one! I think maybe the grilled cheese would be my top choice. Or the burger. Great now I’m hungry lol.


The pot of sausage, potato, and poached egg! It’s everything I love in one convenient pot.


The everything egg breakfast sounds delicious!Probably a bit overwhelming with the amount of food. I’d love to just see it.


the everything egg breakfast looks deliciously perfect…especially if its along side a few mimosas and advil. :)


Usually I go with Eggs Benedict, but I think Pot of Sausage , Potato, and Poached egg would be even better!


So many things sound delicious on the menu; it’s difficult to choose. I’m going to say the rabbit fettuccini because I have never tried rabbit and would like to, and I think a light white wine sauce will both complement the rabbit and keep the dish from being too heavy as a brunch dish. Although the everything egg breakfast sounds intriguing too!


I hope I don’t win…How will I ever choose one thing from this delicious-looking menu?!


Everything Egg breakfast (and my partner will get the Pot of Sausage so I can taste both)!


Everything sounds so good, but I can’t wait to try the Pot of Sausage!

Maria Castro

Steamed mussels and fries!! great option for comfort food for winter!! warm deliciousness for the tummy!


French toast with apricot jam, pears, AND honey?! Who could resist wanting to try that?


Holy Yumtowne! I have to try the rabbit fettucine and although I make the best short ribs, I like to try my competition!

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