12 Days of Giveaways
Dec 06, 2011

12 Days of Giveaways, Day 1: Bareburger

Welcome to our first giveaway for this year’s 12 Days of Giveaways! We’re particularly excited to start off with Bareburger! At We Heart Astoria, we’re all big fans of the food (…)

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classic bareburger with beef

Welcome to our first giveaway for this year’s 12 Days of Giveaways! We’re particularly excited to start off with Bareburger! At We Heart Astoria, we’re all big fans of the food there. My favorite meal is the Classic Bareburger (beef), fries, and a chocolate peanut butter shake. So delicious!

We also love the space, which is very comfortable. The use of repurposed materials really appeals to me, too.

For this first giveaway we have a $50 gift card from Bareburger (31st Ave location only) to share, which should be enough for a seriously fun food fest there for you and a couple of friends.

To enter, just tell us in the comments what your favorite menu item is at Bareburger – is it a burger? The onion rings? Perhaps one of their salads? Their delicious shakes? We want to know! One comment per person, please.

You have until Thursday to play – we’ll announce the winner on Friday, 12/9. Good luck!

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Tarah T

Love the fries and their special sauces. Whenever we order a basket we end up fighting over which sauces go on which side of the table!


Mu favorite item on the menu is the California avocado burger with lamb. It is sweet and savory all rolled into one delicious creation. There are so many other things I want to and eventually will try but right now I can’t seem to order anything else!!!


Bareburger Supreme. I love that it comes with onion rings on it which are just the right number for me and I can still share fries :-)


The french fries are the best around. Also the shakes. (chocolate coconut, anyone??)

Kim Nguyen

the turkey bacon swiss mushroom burger! medium rare! and the beef dog with all the fixings!

Gotham City Soap

The Lamb Burger is off the hook. Thats all there is to it. Its juicy with just the right amount of rich, almost Buttery lamb goodness. The sauce on it is redic. Team that up with some onion rings and a peanut butter and jelly shake and holy crap its a hug in your belly. Im convinced God listened to my numerous prayers when the new location opened near Ditmars. You can all thank me for that one. You’re all welcome. Now gimmeafreeburger! :P

Kara Elise

I love the Bison Burger served California Style on a grain bun. it wouldn’t be inaccurate to say that Bareburger is a large part of why I’m not vegetarian. Also, the pistachio milkshake makes me quiver it’s so good…


The onion rings are the best on Earth and they are the perfect complement to an elk burger!


Original Bareburger with onion rings and a chocolate milkshake. Excuse me, I have to go mop the drool off my keyboard…


Its a toss up between the jalapeño express and the western bacon bareburger. Nom nom nom!!!

Also, thanks guys for making me crave burgers at 9:30 am! Its my day off, and I think I already know what I’m having for lunch ;)


We always go with the Original, some onion rings and we share a chocolate peanut butter shake.


Bareburger supreme, definitely! onions rings ON a burger, with BACON! amazing.

Carly M.

The peanut butter chocolate milkshake. It’s like a liquid Reese’s cup. Great, now I want one.


When BareBurger first opened, I ran to try the veggie burger, fries, onion rings and chocolate peanut butter shake. While all items were (and still are) ridiculously delicious, the sleeper hit was the curry ketchup. I can’t bother with plain ketchup anymore! :)

Jackie A

Oh man! I’m 5 months pregnant and I’ve been CRAVING BareBurger like crazy!!! Fries and onion rings with assorted dipping sauce?!? YES, PLEASE!!!!


lamb burger with fresh cut fries and a diet coke. Love the cucumber mint yogurt on the burger! Yum.


Yay, 12 days of giveaways.

Bunless burger and fries for me. I have yet to try their shakes.

Erica Dunn

My favorite items are the dipping sauces that come with the fries and the bison burger.


Anything with bison or elk is the bomb. Must have fries! Just thinking about this is making me hungry.

Jay Gill

I love BareBurger from the sliders with the combo fries and onion rings. I moved to Astoria in July and can’t get enough of their food! I love all the choices of meat to veggie burger. My favorite is the Bison Jalapeño express. And they just opened a new BareBurger a block from my house.. Astoria just gets better everyday!!

Adriana Marroquin

I love the Big Blue Bacon Cheeseburger but I have to have with either a chocolate peanut butter or banana milkshake! The onion rings are absolutely delicious as well!


Their Jalepeno Express with a veggie burger makes me want to kick my foot into a fishtank it’s so delicious.


Portobello burger if I had to pick just one! The shakes are pretty rad too


My favorite item is the original bare burge with a turkey meat and bare burger’s special sauce on the side to dip my burger into. It’s delish. I  

Jessica H.

My favorite is the original bareburger with onion rings and a vanilla milkshake. Yum!


I have recently had some health-related issues that have forced me to eat a vegan diet. I used to love bare burger’s classic burger, but now I’ve become fairly enamored of their veggie burger. I wish they’d sear it just a bit more with higher heat to create a bit more crust, but the taste overall is great. Served with the pickle sampler, I’m in heaven.


I love the French fries, but only when my girlfriend is there to share them with me. We each use the sauces on the table, blending them in different combination like a science experiment. “I love your curry+hot sauce ketchup!” “Well, i am digging your sweet agave+mustard!”

Heather Meyer

Although I love all the burgers, the thing I dream about are those onion rings!

Benjamin Peryer

Favorite menu item: Big Blue Bacon Cheeseburger…with Bison. Favorite off-the-menu item: Peanutbutter & Jelly Milkshake.


I love the Jalapeño Express with Bison and a side of onion rings. I always want a milkshake, but I never have room!


Toss up between the California Burger (with Avocado) and the Fries/Rings Combos with all those fabulous dips. My daughter is a Panda meal fanatic!


Peanut-oil doubled fried frites… with ALL the sauces. Especially that pink spicy one that looks like it has little red sprinkles in it.


I loooove the Maui Wowie burger but when I’m not hungry enough for that, the fried goat cheese in the beet and goat cheese salad is just as divine.

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