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Nov 23, 2011

Getting sweaty this Thanksgiving

If you’re anything like me, Thanksgiving is the time to stuff your face. Not the time to don your lycra and break a sweat but, if you plan to indulge (…)

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If you’re anything like me, Thanksgiving is the time to stuff your face. Not the time to don your lycra and break a sweat but, if you plan to indulge on turkey (or non-turkey day) you might consider a balancing act of some caloric out-take. Not only will a little workout help you deal with your in-laws, but also give you the energy to cook AND do the dishes. Build lean muscle that gobbles (pun intended!) up calories faster than fat, plus burn some of those feast calories ahead of time- just by getting your exercise on. Exercise stimulates endorphins (aka your feel good hormones). That means the better you feel, the less likely you are to eat the entire pumpkin pie and down the entire bottle of pinot noir. So, now that we’ve established that physical activity is good for you, here’s where to go in out in our hood to get it:

I’m big on yoga and Astoria’s yoga community is growing fast. My favorite place to practice is Yoga Agora. They teach the sweaty kind of yoga I love with lots of movement and breath. All the teachers are fantastic and throw in their own style to the mix, but the best thing about this studio is that the classes are only $5! They are offering three classes both Thursday and Friday: 11am, 2pm (which is donation only!), and 5pm. The classes are laid back, affordable, and a truly gratifying yogic experience. I’ll be there before stuffing my face on Thursday- maybe I’ll see you on the mat?

Do some twisting to digest that big meal at the Yoga Room Astoria.

For a sweaty core workout check out The Yoga Room’s Hot Bodies Pilates, where Pilates mat exercises are turned up along with the heat in the room. Stretch, strengthen, and get your heart pumping with this turkey and stuffing busting workout. Pilates is great for getting the kinks out and helping you stand up straight while you’re in the kitchen- slaving away. The Yoga Room Astoria is holding a 9:30am class on Thursday along with some other yoga classes both Thursday and Friday. For a full belly and a happy heart check out Anya’s Restorative yoga class the day after at 4:30pm, she’s just what the doctor ordered.

Spin at Crank in LIC

If spin is more your thing- head south to LIC’s first spinning studio, Crank. They’re holding a 9:45am 60min fat burning class both Thursday and Friday. Thursday’s “workout before your pigout” ride features a food drive for your muffin top and your conscience. Crank provides complimentary cycling shoes, towels, and plenty of water. Crank is offering WHA readers their first ride for FREE- just mention this post. Now there’s no excuse not to get my butt on a bike.

Here’s to a sweaty Thanksgiving!


katie kenney

Hello I was reading your article on Thanksgiving fitness and you forgot about Simply Fit who has a zumba class 10 am. No it’s not my place but I do go there for zumba, piloxing, and kickboxing. Its such an amazing place with the best teachet/ owner, lisa. You oughta check that place out!


Thanks for the recommendation Katie!
They’re on my list to visit soon! Will let you know how it goes.


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