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Aug 14, 2019

UPDATE: Chipotle on Steinway to Open January 2020

UPDATE – We originally reported that the Steinway Chipotle would be opening Wednesday, August 14th, but as we’ve followed up month by month, the rep is now telling us it (…)

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UPDATE – We originally reported that the Steinway Chipotle would be opening Wednesday, August 14th, but as we’ve followed up month by month, the rep is now telling us it will be sometime this month, January 2020.

Back in November we shared news that a Chipotle location will be opening on Steinway St. It has been pushed back since the original summer opening date, but hopes are it will finally open this month. The current street view is above.

The corporate rep also let us know that the first 50 customers in line will receive some free Chipotle swag (if hours are the same as other locations, it will open at 10:45 a.m.). With lots of empty storefronts on Steinway, it’s exciting to have something new, even if it is a chain. What do you think?

31-73 Steinway Street, Long Island City


Hal Dellinger

Forget this first 50 guest BS! This place has kept us waiting so long that they need to give “free Chipotle swag” to EVERY customer on the first day. Maybe regain a little local cred. Just sayin’.

Sad Guy

Its November 19, 2019 as of now the store still hasn’t opened. I was really excited for this store to open, its now been reported as closed on google and doesn’t even show up on google images anymore. On the bright side, it does look like chipotle is accepting job applications online to work in this store. There is no doubt that the store will open, just sad that they changed the date so many times and never opened on the dates that were promised.

Claire Leaden

No, unfortunately. I don’t think they want to give an exact date now that they haven’t come through so many times.

Upset Chipotle Fan

I was just there. Surprise, surprise, still not opened. I’d upload a picture as proof but that’s not available on this forum. So, as of 10/9, still not opened, windows still covered with paper, about 7 UPS “we tried to deliver a thing” slips. ::thumbs up:: cool, guys. As if the food around here wasn’t disappointing enough, the one thing I’ve been looking forward to for affordable, consistent food remains elusive.


I went today and it was closed. They postponed it 3 weeks ago… what’s going on

Claire Leaden

They now told us: “We normally say ‘opening Fall’ or ‘opening this winter’ for this exact reason as we always have delays due to construction, permitting, etc. that dictate timing. Rest assured, this location is opening soon, but as of now, it will be in November.” Sorry for everyone’s frustration but for now we will let you know when it is actually opened.

marty eisner

Steinway needs its big stores to “split” into small diverse(even funky) ,indoor, permanent “street fairs”.Building owners or leaseholders) should bring in some of the mall kiosk vendors/
?, tailors,fortune tellers?, jewelers?,etc,etc) .If we continue renting only to restaurants, doctors offices and other services we will continue our speedy descent.

Marty Eisner,Martys Fashion,Steinway ST

Dr. Michael “Mike” Essolhurtz

Not really buying the “spoke to corporate rep” bit anymore. Why haven’t they made any announcement on social media after how many pushbacks. Yet they somehow give exclusive info here. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in 2 months, I need chipotle ASAP!

Trash Ketchum

Sooooo in regards to this rep who keeps telling us the pushed back dates, can they tell us why they keep doing this? Why do they keep setting (apparently) impossible dates to keep?

This place hasn’t even opened yet and I’m already done with it


Stopped by today, August 30th and sad to report not open. Closer. But the better half is going to wait before walking down again…

Born and Raised Astoria

Oh there’s a place for everyone here in Astoria always was always will be! Welcome to anyone that will bring people to Steinway Street to shop cuz have u been by lately it’s way quieter than I remembered with so many internet shoppers not coming out there homes & stores closed… relax it will be all good! :) Those who love small shops will continue to go to small shops those who love big shops will continue to go to big shops. No one is gonna get brainwashed cuz of a restaurant and NYC which has tens of thousands and none got me crazy like that! Astoria has always been diverse so to be worried about it is not necessary! Steinway Street business owners are happy believe that!


Hope you’re not shifting toward promoting these corporate franchises opening in Astoria. Not at all happy to have Chipotle coming in. Let’s find all possible ways to support and encourage to small business owners putting their own culture on the table – instead.

That guy

It’s easy to get excited about a Chipotle for me because I have found myself in the situation of having an upset stomach after ordering from local small businesses that offer similar cuisine. Chipotle is held to higher standards and more scrutiny with their cleanliness and food storage practices. I’m looking forward to getting consistent quality of burritos and tacos (with better vegetable options!) without a really unpleasant trip to the bathroom.

Claire Leaden

The Chipotle press department has not gotten back to us on this front – the only location we have confirmation of is the Steinway location.

Tony Romero

Ugh…. of all the things. I have to disagree. I’m not overtly thrilled that this is coming to my area. I just don’t see the point of this place coming to where there’s so many good local mexican places that are small, fresh and family owned. I can deal with McDonalds and KFC. Guilty cravings late at night. But this? New folks that will move it will go to it because it’s what they know…and the smaller family places will shutter. That’s what happens when places like this open.


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