Astoria Arrivals


Astoria Arrivals: Glassful

by Emily Rios

A couple of weeks ago, Meg and I ventured over to check out Glassful, a new wine shop/wine service start-up. It’s located in the same building as the Brooklyn Grange, (…)


Whistle While you Cowork

by Emily Rios

We are big fans of the QNS Collective and we’re super excited to be both collaborators and supporters of the first QNS Cowork Week. Check out all of the fantastic (…)

A First Look at Morning Glory Shop

by Mackenzi Farquer

Flushing’s much beloved Morning Glory has expanded to Astoria, and it’s great. Our newest arrival is packed with all things kawaii– Hello Kitty galore, kid’s toys, paper/notebooks, balloons, backpacks, and (…)

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