About We Heart Astoria

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About We Heart Astoria

We Heart Astoria is a blog focused on the wonderful community of Astoria, Queens.

Through our posts, pictures, events and commentary, we aim to spread our love of Astoria to you.  Whether you’ve just moved to Astoria or have lived here all your life, we hope you’ll find this blog useful and informative—and that you’ll tell others about it.

We dedicate this blog to you.  Always be open with us, let us know what you’re thinking (both good and bad), and we’ll do the same.  The conversation won’t be dull, and it might get contrarian at times, but we can’t wait to start it.

About the Team

Meg – Active throughout the community, Meg is dedicated to improving the lives of regular Astorians. She has helped to bring local, organic food to Astoria via the Hellgate CSA; founded the Queens Swap, a food swap based in Queens, and wrote a book called The Food Lovers’ Guide to Queens, paying homage to the rich food culture in Queens. Having spent many years as a classical musician, and as one who still cares deeply about the arts, she is also in-tune with various arts and music organizations in town. Meg will bring you news and views on her interests, which lie in sustainability, environmental issues, culture, recreation, and food.

Mackenzi – Making her home, life and work in Astoria where she’s lived since 2003, Mackenzi is passionate about retail, community, and design.  She is the owner of the lifestyle boutique Lockwood Shop, and an active member of Community Board 1.  Mackenzi will shine a light on Astoria’s local business community, shopping news, and tasty vegetarian bites in the neighborhood.

Judith – You might already know her as Fooditka, Judith’s passion lies in food and everything about it.  Originally from the Eastern European country of Slovakia, Judith embraces the many delicious (and often ethnic) eats Astoria has to offer.  She’ll bring you her take on new restaurants, interesting food that you’ve never tasted, chef insights and always her honest opinion.

Emily R. – Emily joined the team in 2013 and has brought her infectious and fun energy to the role of Business Development Director. In her role she manages our sponsored content and works to increase relationships with local businesses. Em (as we know her) also manages our events and serves as a media-partner liaison. She’s got a thousand ideas for We Heart and we can’t wait to see them in action! Emily worked for over eight years with the Girl Scouts and currently consults with Girls Learn International to manage two annual events at the United Nations.

Emily M. – A 5-year resident of Astoria, Emily can be found enjoying Astoria’s parks, many delicious restaurants, or working out at Club Fitness. In addition to consulting with We Heart Astoria, Emily is the CEO & Founder of FindSpark, a community dedicated to setting up millennials for career success, and MCG Social, which provides community management, event, and recruitment strategy to agencies and brands. She also started the Astoria Creatives Meetup — because if it isn’t clear, she loves Astoria and the people in it.


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Contributing Writers, Past and Present

We are grateful to our wonderful contributors for their content that adds great flavor to the blog. Here is a little bit about each of our regular contributing writers, in their own words.

Anne Noyes Saini – When she’s not editing economics books (or on a tennis court in Astoria Park), Anne Noyes Saini covers food culture, immigration, and the elderly in New York City—especially in Queens, where she lives. She loves exploring NYC’s diverse food cultures (both in and outside Astoria), through her work in audio (Forgotten Foods of New York), contributions to various food sites, and Twitter dispatches. Anne is the writer and photographer behind United Nations of Astoria on WHA.

Bradley Hawks – Thank goodness a picture paints a thousand words, and not a thousand calories, or Bradley Hawks’s ‘resume’ would be even more expanded. Food journalist for multiple publications (including Boro Magazine and Queens Courier), Bradley’s photography can also be seen on restaurant websites from all across the city, as well as his own website, Amuse * Bouche. Bradley is the writer and photographer behind Bradley’s Bites on WHA.

Clare Langan – Clare has worn many hats in the culinary business, from personal chef to prop stylist. A graduate from ICE, she currently works in food media. A supporter of home cooking, she loves scouting for new ingredients in Astoria. When she’s not hustlin’ in the kitchen, she’s chilling out at Yoga Agora or Queen’s Kickshaw. She’s the voice behind the site A Girl’s Gotta Eat and on Twitter at @GirlsGot2Eat. Clare is the writer, photographer, and recipe developer behind Secrets of an Astoria Chef on WHA.

Lucy – Lucy thoroughly enjoys dining alone – maybe it’s growing up in a big family, maybe it’s her job or maybe she’s just antisocial. Eating with her fingers, mercilessly  eavesdropping and reading interesting things while eating interesting food are a few of the other benefits. Her passions run deep and frequently run hot and cold and as such she won’t be blogging about places where she can’t find anything positive to say. When she grows up she hopes to be a mash-up of Lucy Van Pelt, Lucille Ball, Lucy Lawless and Lucy Honeychurch. Lucy is the writer and photographer behind Lucy Eats Alone on WHA.

Megan Green – Just realizing that writing about art is much easier than writing this bio, Megan Green is an Astoria-based fine art and commercial photographer. While generally found on the internet shooting cars (as and writing about cameras, she can’t be kept away from museums, galleries, and great music. She has lived in the Ditmars area since 1995 and is powered by coffee. Megan’s beat on WHA is the arts in Astoria and LIC.

Sue Yacka – Hailing from a food-obsessed household in central New Jersey, Sue fell in love with Astoria about a thousand times before finally moving to the neighborhood two and a half years ago. She indulges her love of food and Astoria on Twitter and on her blog. When not talking about food, She can be found working full-time for a non-profit doing anti-violence work, exploring New York neighborhoods on foot, or having a beer. Sue is honored to be a contributor to We Heart Astoria. Sue is the writer and photographer behind Tastoria’s Astoria on WHA.

Regarding Reviews

We Heart Astoria focuses on the positive aspects of Astoria and therefore we do not post negative reviews about local restaurants or businesses. Sometimes we are invited by restaurants or businesses to try their products and services, which we do our best to indicate. Under no circumstances are we compensated for a product or service in exchange for a good review. If we do not like something, we simply do not write about it.

Contact Us

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