Meg Hearts Surviving Sandy and Then Some

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Hurricane Sandy from the ISS

So yes, I made it through Hurricane Sandy. My life is not back to 100% – I still don’t have internet access at home (the wires across from my apartment burned for 30 minutes Monday night, October 29, and stank up the area for an hour), but I do have power back. I was lucky to have made it through the storm with heat and hot water, too (thanks to my landlords who modernized the heating system in our apartment building with gas, not oil heat). I had friends who stored my frozen foods; the food in my refrigerator didn’t do so well, though. Small quibbles, to be honest.

There’s much I heart, post-Sandy, and here’s a list.

I heart that no structural damage happened to our apartment. Also that my neighbors are ok.

I heart that I can donate time chronicling the hurricane for my work, and be able to direct helpful to much-needed information out to people that need/want it and who can help others with it. I also heart having donated clothing and food to the relief efforts.

I heart that I have an employer that has given me a space to work while my internet is out and I heart Waltz-Astoria and their internet access (not to mention their amazing pumpkin pie and awesome staff), where I did some work last weekend. I also heart the person who helped me connect to the network there when my Mac decided to play “unintuitive” for a spell.

I heart all the people who have donated needed itms, collected tp, toothpaste, and soap, and whatever else the people with no homes really need right now.

I heart all the people that are heading to the Rockaways and other parts of NYC to help out with the cleaning, distributing food, clothes, and blankets, and comforting those who have lost so much.

I heart the food trucks that are heading to the most ravished areas and are using their mobile restaurants for something truly noble – feeding people who have nothing.

I heart places like The Queens Kickshaw, who are giving all the money they receive on Thursday to the hurricane relief efforts.

I heart my friend D who is collecting pounds of pet food to donate to all the furry friends who also need to survive.

I heart social media and blogs that are getting the message out, the needed information out, and acting as incredible networks to pass around alerts, announcements, and other important messages.

I heart the sense of community that is coming out of all this.

So, how did you fare during the hurricane? What do you heart especially after this experience? We’d love to know, so leave us a comment. And we hope that you and yours are well.

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