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This is the third installment of our mini-series on Finally Friday about each of our personal Astorias. You’ve heard Mackenzi’s and Judith’s, and here’s mine! -Meg

No More Jiggly Puff

Astoria Pool

These days, my current love is swimming at Astoria Park Pool during the Early Bird Adult lap swimming session. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise and a great way to get in shape, and I simply adore being in the water (I’ve always been a water baby). It’s also a very comfortable way to be active during our hot, sweaty summers here in NYC. Each time I’m in the water, I swim between a mile and mile and a half. It feels so good. And believe me, when the pool closes for the season, I’ll be crying (and ponying up $150 for membership in the NYC Recreation Centers, so that I can continue swimming).

Caffeinate me, man

Cold brewed coffee at Queens kKckshaw

Another thing I’ve grown to love while living in NYC is iced coffee. There are three places I love to get it – iced lattes at Sweetleaf; cold brewed coffee at The Queens Kickshaw; and iced lattes at The Coffee Pot, which I’ve spoken of here before. They are very close to my apartment, which is one of the reasons I like them, but it’s mostly because their lattes are simply kick ass. One reason they are so good is that they clean the water filter regularly, even the line the goes to the ice maker. It really makes a difference, believe you me. The Coffee Pot, 28-19 23rd Ave., Astoria; (718) 726-1274

A girl and her shoes shall not be parted

Image source: Huffington Post

One thing NYC has on the rest of the country is the plethora of cobblers – those guys that fix your shoes. I love my cobbler on 28th Street and 23rd Ave, Zhicay Shoe Repair. His work is excellent, pricing fair, and he’s just a really nice guy. In fact, I have some sandals in with him right now, and I bet they are ready for pick up. Zhicay Shoe Repair, 23-04 28th St., Astoria, NY 11105; (718) 726-1294

My eyes are worth it

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As I get older, so do my eyes. Kids, it’s inevitable that you will need to attend to your eye health more frequently as you age. Currently for me, I have to take my glasses off to see things up close. I thought it was kind of cool at one point, and now it’s just a hassle. Time for a visit with Dr. Vu at Optimum Eye Care. She is terrific – super nice, always answer my questions, and I found what is my favorite pair of glasses of all time at her office. I am due for an appointment soon, which I look forward to (and thank goodness they don’t do the glaucoma test with that scary puff of air anymore). Optimum Eye Care, 31-17 23rd Ave., Astoria; (718) 626-9400

No parabens, please!

little soap shop soaps

I am in love with Vivian’s soap. She, of course, runs The Little Soap Shop, where I get amazing handmade soaps, lotions, and soy candles, which are kind to the air inside your apartment compared to paraffin (which pollutes the air). Her products are pure and gentle, with no parabens or phtalates, or artificial anything, really. They smell amazing, too! I am a big fan of the Thyme Garden, Gardenia, and anything citrusy in the soaps. Fresh Linen is wonderful in her candles, and the lavender lotion is a relaxing delight. I can’t sing her praises enough! Just go see her – you won’t be sorry. The Little Soap Shop, 22-07b 36th St., Astoria; (718) 704-4408

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