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As we roll into the weekend, there’s nothing like breaking your weekly routine and exploring something new.  Lately, we’ve seen a surge of “new” places and things in Astoria, which always keep things interesting, and we’re excited to share them with you.

Image by S Prime

S Prime – The newest “boutique steakhouse” in town has arrived from the owners of Studio Square and Cavo.  While it’s definitely very fancy shmancy, it’s nice to see Astoria steaking (pun intended) a claim in the fine dining space.  Check out their carnivorous menu, but if you’re a pescatarian, they have some nice options for you as well.  S Prime (35-15 36th Street, Astoria. 718.707.0660)

Image by BQTshirts

BQTshirts at SITE – Hungry for the latest Queens pride goodies? Well look no further than SITE, as Mackenzi has some great new shirts in stock from our new favorite Queens/Bklyn t-shirt designer and distributor, BQTshirts.  Check out their playful designs that speak to the awesomeness of Astoria (like the one above), but also know that they carry cute little “Grown in Queens” onesies as well. BQTshirts.  SITE (35-11 34th Avenue, Astoria.  718.626.6030)

Image by DiWine

DiWine Dance Party –  For the first time ever, DiWine, which is typically known for a chilled out atmosphere, serving wine and cheese, is going to do something different.  They’re hosting their first “Dance Party” tonight from midnight – 4 a.m., which is definitely fit for those super hard core night owls.  Not only will they feature some rockin’ tunes, they’ll also throw in special effects, and cocktail specials too.  DiWine (41-15 31st Avenue, Astoria.  718.777.1355)

New Menus – Since summer is in full swing, lots of restaurants in the nabe are featuring special summer menus or interesting prix-fixes.   Here are some good ones to try, which pay a special homage to fresh, seasonal vegetables, seafood and other local goodies.  Bear’s summer menu.  Thymari’s summer menu.  Astor Room’s summer prix-fixe.

Image by Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky – You may remember our special Finally Fridays about the current frozen yogurt craze, and Vanilla Sky was just one of the froyo locales we mentioned.  While it’s brand spankin’ new, and we’ve been waiting for it to open, we noticed that its opening is coming next week.  How perfect, as it’s supposed to warm up yet again.  We hope you check it out and let us know how you liked it.  Vanilla Sky (33-18 Broadway, Astoria)

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