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It’s my pleasure to introduce this month’s guest bloggers, WT and Erich of Gardenfreude to the blog. These organic gardening & healthy living enthusiasts are here to show you just how easy it is to acquire the supplies you need to grow on your own! 

Everybody knows that a tomato from the local supermarket can’t compete with a tomato picked right off the vine.  Sure, we have dozens of fantastic farmers’ markets with an unbelievable array of tasty local produce to choose from, but have you ever thought about growing your own veggies?  Think you don’t have the space or the resources?  Think again- all it takes is a sunny window, a fire escape, or a grow-light.  Look to the following articles if you need some inspiration on how to turn your urban space into a functioning vegetable garden:

Step by Step Guide for a Fire Escape Garden

One Pot Vegetable Garden

How to Grow Vegetables in Pots

For those of you who have already committed yourself to urban vegetable farming, here’s our guide to get you gardening right here in Astoria.

Florists all over Astoria, and there are oodles of them, carry seedlings that will grow to be delicious vegetables with the right care. These are a few of our favorites:

Off Broadway Florist
32-04 31st Street  Astoria, NY 11106

Pavillion Florals
31-19 30th Avenue  Astoria, NY 11102

Astoria Flower Mart
2276 31 STREET Astoria, NY, 11105

Peter Cooper Florist
2802 Steinway Street  Astoria, NY 11103

3524 Broadway Astoria, NY 11106

If you are looking for the typical nursery experience you had with your folks in the suburbs or the country you need to go to Verni’s. Verni’s is technically outside the bounds of Astoria, but it is walkable for those of you who live near the Ditmars stop and it’s an affordable cab ride for those of you who don’t. This old school nursery will taste like the nursery of your dreams.  Sure, you could go to Home Depot instead, but we like to keep it local, and frankly, Verni’s has the better selection anyway.

Verni’s Garden Center
2222 Hazen Street Flushing, NY 11370

If you simply don’t have a space outdoors that could be turned into a garden, then maybe you want to consider growing something in the corner of your living room or kitchen. The Grow Room is a diamond in the rough for anyone who wants to learn about hydroponic/ indoor gardening.  This is also the place to go for experienced urban gardeners who are ready to take it to the next level. The owners are kind and very knowledgable. They are also more than happy to help you with samples of their products when they can.

The Grow Room was the only place we found in Astoria that carried organic seeds (from Seeds of Change). They also carry fertilizer and pest products that are completely organic.

The Grow Room
32-32 49th St. LIC NY 11103

Another resource for supplies that may not immediately spring (tee hee) to mind is your neighborhood drugstore or .99¢store.  Both carry seasonal items and will have pots, some tools, and even seeds, although we don’t recommend you purchase the latter here (they are usually old, which means they might not sprout).

For tips, tales, and more resources for the Astorian gardener stop by


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