Finally Fridays – Why You Should Attend the Queens Swap

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As you may know, Judith and I (Meg), along with our friend AJ, produce the Queens Swap, a food swap based here in Queens. Our next swap is this Sunday, February 19, from 4-6:30pm, at Sweet Afton. We are really excited about it, and are looking forward to having a good time on Sunday. There are still a few tickets left, too!

So you may be asking yourself, “why would I want to attend a food swap?!” Here are five reasons why.


1. You get to meet your neighbors. A food swap is primarily a social event for people who love food, to meet others who love food. It’s really fun to connect via food, and to discover that someone who makes a delicious strawberry jam just lives up the block!

2. You get to make a favorite treat. This is your opportunity to make a favorite baked good, jam, pickle, candy, and to share it with everyone at the event. What a great opportunity to show off a family recipe.

september swap haul

3. You get to take home some new-to-you tasty treats! One of the best parts of the swap – you get to take home a whole host of delicious items that may be new to you.

4. You participate in an growing food movement. Food swaps are popping up around the country like crazy. Get in on the latest way to find delicious, locally made food in small batches.

5. You get to enjoy the ambiance (and food and drink, if you like) at Sweet Afton. I won’t deny that Sweet Afton is a WHA favorite. Their food and drink are excellent, and the space is cozy and relaxing.

At the time of this writing, there are only 3 tickets left! Hurry and register before they are gone. Here is a handy ticket widget for your convenience:

See you on Sunday!

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Vantage Properties March 1, 2012 at 12:50 pm

The Queens Swap is yet another reason to live in Queens. It’s such a great event and a unique opportunity to sample some of the best homemade food you could ever imagine! We’re very envious of the Queens Swap. We will have to try to attend the next one!


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