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Happy Friday! The weekend is almost here, hooray! And how about this crazy 60 degree weather today? Makes me feel like I’m back in San Francisco. Anyway, at We Heart Astoria we are always keeping an eye on the Twitterverse, and wanted to share some of the local personalities that keep us coming back for more.

@sacsplace Serving the cuisine of Abruzzo, a cuisine that exudes personality without pretension. Our food is an expression of love & caring & we wish to pass it on to you.

We love the banter that occurs regularly with the voice behind the Sac’s Place twitter account. Always engaging with strong opinions, paired with unending support of the local Astoria community, this is a twitter account to follow, for sure. Plus the avatar makes me drool. Seriously. Yum is the operative word.

@QueensMamas Your source for all things Queens, from one mother to another.

There’s no other source on the web that is as comprehensive as Queens Mamas when it comes to talking about kids, parenting, and everything in our fair borough. They’re an excellent resource for news, views, and information for parents around Queens. We’ve done a little bit of collaboration with them, and keep a lookout for future posts on kids and parenting, with help from the Mamas.

@JeffreyTastes I’m finding awesome food, cultural, rad, and other experiences in New York – especially Queens. My mouth has ADD.

Jeff Orlick has done much to promote food in Queens. He gives food tours through parts of interior Queens, and is the champion of lesser known eateries that are as good (if not better) than the more well-known ones. He was one of the people behind the brilliant event that was Woks and Lox. Pay attention to him – he won’t steer you wrong.

@RedTamara Cook. Mistress of Sunday Night Dinner and One Ass Kitchen Catering. Rough language talker about food on Unique Eats. Co-author of Forking Fantastic! Food Writer.

Tamara Reynolds is well-known in Astoria as the force behind The Sunday Night Dinner, serving the multitudes delicious food from her neighborhood kitchen. She’s also a narrator-commentator for Unique Eats, and produces eating events throughout the country. I love reading about her adventures!

@WaltzAstoria Waltz is a coffee shop by day, live entertainment venue by night. Waltz is a family of neighborly locals and tireless travelers. Waltz is you and me…

Waltz is one of the best places in Astoria to see live music, not to mention they serve tasty coffee, great wine, and yummy sandwiches (try the cheddar and avocado). Follow their twitter account for the latest news and updates from this unique spot in the neighborhood.

And apart from our time spent here on We Heart Astoria, you can find the ladies of WHA at @Fooditka (Judith), @SITEnews (Mackenzi) and me, @harmoniousbelly. If there are any Astoria twitter accounts we should follow, please let us know in the comments. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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APACnyc Astoria Performing Arts Center

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