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I’ll admit it, I’m a total Twitter fanatic. Some mornings it’s the first thing I check when I wake. It has quickly become a place I get my most up-to-date news, both practical and well, just downright gossipy. More than anything, though, it’s become a place to make ‘friends’ and join a community of like minded folks. Here’s a list of five local twitter feeds/personalities well worth the follow. Just like the popular twitter meme, it’s #FF done the @weheartastoria way!

 @AstoriaHaikuThe best and worst of Astoria, NY in my most beloved format: the Haiku. Mostly the worst.

This hysterical take on Astoria, and beyond, is largely written in the classic Japanese syllable counting poetry form. It’s so catchy you’ll find loads of Astorians writing their own Haikus to share with the master; my girlfriend has even taken to texting me in the form one she started following @AstoriaHaiku!  Some examples of late, mostly about fall weather:

“It’s horizontal / It’s wind-driven, it’s pelting / It’s today’s rainfall.” “Cold, gray and drizzling / Standard autumn procedure / Nature is perfect”

@35thAndKaufman  “What’s happening around the Kaufman Astoria studio area – sightings, changes, and anything else of interest to this part of the neighborhood.”

Live in what people are calling ‘South Astoria’ these days? Then this is the twitter feed for you. Plenty of great RTs from local shops, cafes, museums and more, this twitter feed is a great way to learn about the nighborhood surrounding Kaufman Astoria Studios. I’ve met the gal behind @35thandKaufman and she’s just as nice in real life!


@zoraoneill “Guide- and cookbook author, compulsive taster, expert on Mexicos old and New, Arabic speaker, crafty packer, train taker, Queens dweller.” 

This Astoria resident isn’t actually IN Astoria all that much. Her gigs as a travel writer and popular blogger take her all over the globe and her twitter feed is a great place to go along for the ride! Her recent trip to Egypt has been an action packed highlight.


@tastoriaqueens “This page combines two of my favorite things: food and Astoria. Follow me as I tweet the best part of meals and snacks I have in Astoria, Queens!”

Food, beer and more food! That’s what you can expect from this chatty, friendly Astorian. Her new blog gives a little additional lovin’ to her favorite local food haunts.



The tagline sort of says it all! This guy is fun to follow, has lots to say about Astoria, and is just generally a great follow! 

Obviously, there’s more than just five amazing tweeters out there in Astoria! Here’s some other people/brands/places to follow while you’re at it:

@QueensKickshaw, @Handjobs4home@MovingImageNYC@AstorBakeShop,
@bradleyhawks@OrnellaNYC @QueensMuseum@amymlitt,

When not busy with WHA duties, the ladies of WHA can be found at @Fooditka (Judith), @HarmoniousBelly (Meg) and of course me,  @SITEnews. Tell us, who do you love to follow in Astoria?!

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Peter Horowitz October 25, 2011 at 12:41 pm

Great List! I follow all of them all but you forgot about all the great Astoria real estate deals I post at @peteslistings . :) Btw, I love the site.


megc October 25, 2011 at 1:39 pm

Thanks, Peter – of course! Thanks for reminding us! :)


nyc8675309 October 21, 2011 at 1:58 pm

Great list! Aside from the ones mentioned I also follow @apacnyc – The Fall show is in rehearsals ( and if you want $10 tix opening weekend you can use code jennyl ).

Three Astoria bands to keep an eye on: @donnersocial, @Astoriablvd and @youbredraptors all moving up through the indie music scene!

However, nobody does #ff (friday flirting) better than @AstoriaHaiku both online and in person.


Astoria H. October 21, 2011 at 1:31 pm

Completely flattered to be mentioned among these other fine Astorians. I truly love writing and “doing what I do,” whatever that may be, and I appreciate the recognition and the kind words. Thanks for reading!


mackenzi October 21, 2011 at 2:01 pm

You are so very welcome! -Mackenzi/@SITEnews


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