Finally Fridays- Dairy Lovin’ Edition

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I know, I know. I’m the one who right here in this very space gave my favorite vegan suggestions. But you know what? I also love a great dairy treat from time to time. That ooey gooey comfort food staple might be just what the doctor ordered this crisp Fall weekend! (And don’t miss our Halloween suggestions, too!)

Sweet Afton Grilled CheeseA nearly perfect grilled cheese specimen. Your choice of local cheeses, Pullman loaf bread, and if you want it, caramelized onions or bacon. It is served with grainy mustard and pickles. Perfection!

Bareburger Shakes These amazing shakes are short, sweet and to the point. Just organic ice cream, milk, and your choice of add ins. My personal favorite is the chocolate, complete with tasty chocolate shavings. Other favorites included raspberry, peanut butter and coconut.

Rest-au-rant Cheese Plates– A favorite late night snack option, these amazingly crafted cheese plates have a great balance of sweet and savory selections and are always paired with the perfect breads. With two sizes and a half dozen plates to choose from, there’s a little something for every cheese lover here.

(Image via Essental Luxuries Blog)

Grilled Halloumi Cheese at Mundo– A twist on the classic grilled halloumi, these little flavorful pockets are a Mundo must have. Slices of Halloumi are layered with red pepper slices and a touch of balsamic, then wrapped in grape leaves and grilled until they’re perfection.

(image via Serious Eats NY)

M. Wells’ Custard– Shown here, the amazing bananna custard. On other days it might be vanilla or some other satisfying sweet treat. M. Wells, while known for their unique Montreal style diner food, is more than just savory. Their creamy, delicious and slightly eggy dense custard alone is worth the trek to LIC. Pair it with their pie. You’ll thank me.

What are your favorite dairy based goodies here in Astoria?

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Joe MacBu November 17, 2010 at 10:05 am

M. Wells’ custard is made by Timmy O’s Frozen Custard in Corona.


megc November 18, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Timmy O’s is good stuff, mmm… thanks for the clarification!


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